Le Boudoir Studio is a featured business for The Crave Company. Check out Le Boudoir Studio in the Crave Directory! The entire mission of The Crave Company is to connect like-minded women whether they are entrepreneurs, working women or stay at home mommies. Melody, the owner of Crave asked the studio to write a piece on “Identity” – check it out here and below!

It’s an interesting question: “How do other people view us versus how we view ourselves?” This is an especially interesting topic when it comes to women. As women, we have the tendency to pick ourselves apart. We all remember the Dove video with the sketch artist having women describe themselves versus having someone else describe them. It was an incredible realization that women view themselves in such a distorted fashion.

Could you see yourself through the eyes of another?

See the Dove video here:

At Le Boudoir Studio in Tempe, Arizona we have the pleasure of working with many different women; everyday women who are taking the chance to allow themselves to be pampered and turned into “supermodels!” It’s an incredible experience. When the women first come in they are typically shy and not sure what to expect. As the transformation of professional hair and make-up begins you start to see these women coming out of their shells. Once they’re ready to start their boudoir shoots; they usually start to really feel like supermodels. They’re happy and confident yet there’s always the looming “flaws” that they still make notice of.

Le Boudoir Studio wants you to embrace your beauty

Le Boudoir Studio wants women to embrace themselves in all of their beauty. We not only want women to view themselves as beautiful before and during their boudoir shoots, but we want the confidence boost to last long after they leave our studio. We see them in their true beauty and hope that we can help the women we work with identify with and recognize their own beauty for years to come!

Le Boudoir Studio will be hosting a CRAVE Fuel event on July 29, 2014 where you’re invited to join us for a night of inspiration, empowerment and maybe even a hug or two! We’re helping to create a community of women to support each other through business, friendships and beyond. 🙂 Stay tuned for more details…


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If one thing is for sure; it is that at Le Boudoir Studio we love love love women! We mean ALL women! Let’s face it ladies, us gals have to stick together in this sometimes crazy world. If you’re a reader of our blogs (and we sure hope you are!) you know that Le Boudoir Studio was created based on  Jodi Lynn’s passion for helping women feel beautiful. Over at the all girl’s studio, we sure love this “mission” and are all about creating a comfortable and inviting environment at the studio for all of our clients. When it comes to intimate photography, women will most likely shy away from it because of their insecurities about their own body image. This makes us sad! As women we pick ourselves apart way too much. Of course the media that we see most of the time doesn’t help matters usually, but we want women to embrace themselves as they are. No one should ever love you more than you love yourself. In fact, that reminds me of a quote from Samantha’s Sex and the City- “I love you, but I love me more.” How profound!  You must always love yourself; every ounce of you!

Le Boudoir Studio loves Dove’s body image advertising and hopes that more women will partake in intimate photography!

If there is anything that Dove has done for women all around the world; it is convey such awesome messages in their advertisements that ALL women are beautiful and deserve to feel so. Check out  to see what we mean! We love their campaigns speaking to young girls and women alike. We feel more companies should do more advertising like Dove! For some of Dove’s marketing photos; they used real women, curves and all in nothing but bras and panties…talk about intimate photography! We’re talking no hiding under covers, no fancy lingerie, just beautiful women showing off their beautiful selves in the simplest form. Check out some examples below…

Jodi Lynn’s passion is intimate photography and her mission is to make all women feel beautiful!

The true inspiration for this particular blog comes from not only Le Boudoir Studio’s mission statement, but from a Dove video that was shared with us that brings us to tears (HAPPY ONES!) It is such an emotional and raw statement about how women view themselves versus how the outside world perceives them. We’d like to call it an “aha moment” and hope that you enjoy it just as much as we did…

Let us know what you think about the video and what impact it may have had on you! We sure hope you are ready to partake in some intimate photography yourself just to show how much you love yourself! Thanks again to Dove for the inspiring video and awesome message “Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety” – We couldn’t agree more!


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