At Le Boudoir Studio, we love helping woman feel confident and empowered! Which is why we specialize in all types of boudoir photography. Last week we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Arizona Channel 12 News “Go Ask Ozzy” Segment. Ozzy’s feature touched on all the wonderful things we do at Le Boudoir Studio including our participation in the “Bald and Beautiful” Project. We know it can be hard for some ladies to feel beautiful and confident, especially if they are going through something as life changing as chemotherapy or radiation treatments. So, Jodi Lynn wanted to make sure we catered to women going through this tumultuous time with our boudoir photography services.

“We actually have done quite a few free sessions for women that are going through chemo and going through cancer, it’s called the Bald and Beautiful Project.”
“They’re a little fearful at first and you can kind of see it on their face and as soon as they see their first image that you show them, that relaxation all over – it shows,” said Jodi Lynn in the interview.

Over the last few years we have been fortunate enough to feature a few clients with our partnership with the Bald and Beautiful Project but hope to start working with women going through chemotherapy every other month.  If you are interested in sharing your cancer story and signing up for a boudoir session please email:

Arizona’s Premier Boudoir Photography Studio

The Channel 12 News feature also discussed our more traditional boudoir photography sessions including our maternity boudoir photo shoots. Although pregnancy isn’t as difficult as chemotherapy at Le Boudoir Studio, we feel that it is extremely important for expecting mothers to be reminded of how beautiful they are during this time. There are so many factors to growing a baby; and as mothers ourselves, we know pregnant ladies sometimes lose themselves in the process, forgetting how truly amazing it is to not only be a woman but to be able to provide life to another person. While Ozzy was filming the segment, we were lucky enough to have a maternity session in our Scottsdale studio to give a behind the scenes look at a boudoir photo shoot.  You can see the session and Jodi Lynn’s full interview below!

Boudoir Photography for Every Woman

As Arizona’s premier boudoir studio, we have been helping woman feel confident since 2010. Whether you are pregnant, getting married, or just want to feel beautiful and empowered we would love to work with you! Call us today at 480 495 5455 or click here to book a session online.


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Have you been interested in taking some boudoir photos but you’re feeling a little hesitant? Trust us – you are not alone. The trick to finding your way into the comfort zone starts with getting to know your photographer before the shoot so that you can become more relaxed and familiar with them. Finding your perfect boudoir photographer is all about how they make you feel before the shoot and how much you love their style of boudoir images. But it isn’t JUST about the photos! You want this to be a fun and comfortable experience and above all, have trust in the credibility of your photographer. At Le Boudoir Studio, we pride ourselves in our high-level of expertise, the fact that our studio is owned by two fabulous women who only employee other women, and our outstanding 8 years of business. But that’s not all- read on to find out why Le Boudoir Studio is the number one boudoir studio in Arizona!

Why Choose Le Boudoir Studio for Your Boudoir Experience?

At Le Boudoir Studio, our owners and photographers Jodi Lynn and Traci Dianne have been professional photographers for over 10 years, with 8 years of dedication to boudoir photography. As avid learners, they love to attend boudoir photography workshops to expand their knowledge of the art and provide the best boudoir experience to all our clients. We have had countless emails from women telling us that they’ve never felt sexier or more confident in their lives. Along with fan mail from their lucky significant others in awe of how we could truly capture the beauty they see everyday.

With over 2,000-square foot studio is home to 12 beautiful indoor boudoir sets that allow for each boudoir photo session to be unique to each client. Within our studio is our hair and make-up room where our expert and professionally licensed hair and make-up artists transform you into the bombshell you love and see on camera.

After your photo shoot, we love having you back for your viewing session where you will see all your images airbrushed and looking great! Having been in the business for nearly a decade we offer a stunning line of boutique products, which includes custom seamless albums, wall canvases, digital files, and more. The hardest part for you will be deciding how soon you want to come back for more fun and sexy photos!

See for Yourself Why Le Boudoir Studio is Arizona’s #1 Boudoir Studio!

Click here to see what our boudoir addicts have said about their sexy photo shoot experience and contact us today to book your session!

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Meet Jodi Lynn, the woman behind the lens and owner of Le Boudoir Studio. As an entrepreneur, photographer, mother, and part-time therapist, this #GirlBoss is changing the name of the game in the industry.