Did you know that Le Boudoir Studio has not one but two fabulous boudoir photographers?! Owner and boudoir photographer, Jodi Lynn has professionally trained Jackalyn; the second awesome boudoir photographer for the Tempe, Arizona studio. What does this mean for you? It means that no matter what day or time you come into the studio for your session; you’ll be in great hands! Our professional boudoir photographers coach and guide you throughout the whole process. Being a supermodel for a day has never been so much fun!

Not one but TWO boudoir photographers

Our photographer has been formally trained on the following Le Boudoir Studio photography sets:

The Bombshell Set:

01 associate photographer bombshell set

The Diva Set

associate photographer jackalyn diva set

The Gold Set:

associate photographer jackalyn gold set

The Dream Set:

02 associate boudoir photographer dream set

The Princess Set:

05 associate boudoir photographer princess set

The Natural Set:

04 associate boudoir photographer natural set

The Wrapped in Sheets set:

03 associate boudoir photographer wrapped in sheets set

You can view all of our available sets on our previous boudoir photography sets blog!

Associate photographer at Le Boudoir Studio

No matter which photographer you get to work with; your photos will be stunning! Jodi Lynn and Jackalyn look forward to working with you soon.


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Boudoir photography is for each and every woman who wants to have a boudoir session in her lifetime. There are no rules, exceptions, prerequisites or any of that non sense when it comes to boudoir photography. At Le Boudoir Studio, we simply want you to be yourself and love yourself throughout the entire boudoir experience at our Tempe, Arizona studio. We’ve had the privilege of working with so many awesome every day women over the years! No matter your age, body type or marital status; we’re ready to turn you into a boudoir bombshell.

Curvy boudoir at Le Boudoir Studio

Not only are there no boudoir photography rules; there are no limits on how many times you can book a boudoir photography session! Some of our fantastic clients opt to do multiple boudoir shoots over time. The awesome lady we’re featuring on the Le Boudoir Studio blog this week is all about that curvy boudoir. This is not her first or second boudoir shoot; this is her third! It’s your prerogative ladies; you can schedule a boudoir shoot once a month or once a year; it’s your world. Let me repeat this: No matter your age, body type or marital status; we’re ready to turn you into a boudoir bombshell! That means you too single ladies! Boudoir photography is all about YOU too! We love, love, love this curvy boudoir session!

Repeat boudoir clients at Le Boudoir Studio

01 curvy  boudoir02 curvy boudoir le boudoir studio03 le boudoir studio curvy boudoir04 repeat boudoir client le boudoir studio05 boudoir photography06 boudoir photography le boudoir studio


We admire and love this client so much! We can’t wait to see what next year’s shoot will bring. If you’re ready to schedule your own curvy boudoir shoot or have any questions for us, please contact the studio today!


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