MARTHA PERCHES – I am very much interested in having images done and feel this is such a great opportunity to do so. I’m a 40 year old woman who has been through ups and downs. Weight loss of 100 lbs. depression after having a stroke with a weight gain that lead me up to weighing 310 lbs. of which I have lost and have kept it off. I also had a heart attack in 2013! I’ve been through difficult times in being in an abusive relationship and finally realizing my worth and breaking that cycle. I will say I still do struggle with insecurities and my major most difficult one would be the result of my stroke 15 years ago, my full smile. I miss it! Yet I know God has blessed me and there are many others out there that are in a much deeper struggle. If I’m chosen for this I’d be so excited yet terrified, but have to conquer that fear and come to a completeness of loving myself, all of me. Being a photographer I’ve been told I should be on the other end of the lens…This terrifies me lol! This is such a great thing and to the women who will be chosen I can’t wait to see their images and read their stories. Well thank you for your time and hopefully will hear from you!

August 16, 2015

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