Full-Day Session with Shootout with 6 months of bi-weekly mentorship sessions and in person studio visit

What you'll receive:

• 8-hour block of time.
• Topics covered will be tailored to the Client and based on Client’s priorities.
• Lunch provided.
• The shootout will involve shooting a person provided by Mentor. Client and Mentor will own the rights to the photos, Client will do the shooting, person being photographed will also be given the images.
• Following the full-day session, Client will have access to Mentor for ongoing mentorship by phone or virtual conference once every other week for up to 1.5 hours each time for a period of 6 months following the full-day session.
• Up to $800 travel included for Mentor to visit clients studio for a 3 hours in person mentorship block of time if requested.


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"Jodi is super knowledgeable when it comes to the business - which to me is not the fun part. I have been doing things so manually that I was taking up so much time with the business part of my business I was reaching burnout! She helped me set up quickbooks, which my accountant was using but I was not... I was getting basic information from her but Jodi helped me to see that if I want to grow I need to see what packages and products are being sold and what is working verses what is not... the only way to see this is to have it set up completely and have all of that info in the system so that I can run reports and make sense of my finances. She also helped me set up Flowdesk for email campaigns, she helped me get all of my contacts from the old email system and from my client management program and move them to Flowdesk. We also completely set up online booking through square. We went through my website and she helped make suggestions for optimal user experience - which is something I still have to finish. We went over my pricing and packages and she made some suggestions on how to upsell products and to simplify packages. She also helped me set up a landing page through link tree and we also linked my square online bookings to my gmail calendar, so that they show up as "busy" and work with my CRM system so that I can't be double booked, they are also color coded so that's nice too! Truly if I could I would do another day with her to see what other tricks she has up her sleeve, she's helped me tremendously!"

- wendy, wendy nolte photography

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