Boudoir photography outfit ideas

January 24, 2014

Have you scheduled your boudoir photography shoot with Le Boudoir Studio? Hooray! Now you may start wondering…what should I wear?! When people think of boudoir photography they automatically start thinking “lingerie”. While lingerie is a popular option; it is not always the only option!

Check out some of our favorite ideas…

What should I wear for my boudoir shoot?

A great option to wear for your boudoir photography shoot is of course bra, panties, garters and stockings. We love this look because it is clearly an intimate outfit. Men love to see their honeys in their skivvy’s – add professional hair and make up and wowza!

sweet boudoir in white lingerie


garter and stockings sexy photography


black and white glamour photography

 If you’re not as comfortable showing off your tummy and/or want to accentuate your curves; you can always opt to wear a waist cincher.

lingerie boudoir shoot


stockings and garters

 If you would like to wear lingerie or something more intimate you can choose a corset or a sexy chemise to make you look and feel amazing!

corset boudoir


lingerie by love and lace

Men also love to see their ladies incorporated with their career and/or sports team!

career themed boudoir


boudoir photography


what should i wear for my boudoir shoot

If you want to simply wear something that makes you feel sexy you can choose a sexy sweater or tee! Showing off your personality is always sexy!


sweater plus size boudoir


sexy photography outfit


boudoir outfit ideas


outdoor cowgirl photography

Some ladies decide to wear nothing or simply to wrap themselves in our sheets! It’s an incredibly sexy look for any boudoir photography shoot!

Le Boudoir Studio, Boudoir photography contest_013


wrapped in sheets boudoir

One of Jodi Lynn’s favorite themes to photograph is pin up! Usually props are used for pin up shoots. We have some props at the studio but please bring any extra goodies the day of your shoot please.

pin up boudoir

what should i wear for my pin up shoot

pin up boudoir by le boudoir studio

 If you’re a bride to be…bridal boudoir is an awesome option!

bridal boudoir by Le Boudoir Studio

bridal boudoir

Le Boudoir Studio favorite intimate outfits

Ladies, honestly you can wear whatever YOU want! This is your boudoir photography shoot and it’s all about YOU! No matter if you’re super comfortable showing off your skin or if you are more modest…we can make it work. As you can see from all our lovely ladies above; they all look great! We hope we’ve given you some ideas for your boudoir photography shoot – it’s going to be fun! Check out the Le Boudoir Studio Pinterest page for lots more ideas!

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