Before and After boudoir photography

November 26, 2012

We all see the girls in the magazines and TV shows and think “how are they so beautiful and “perfect”?!” Let’s face it ladies, no one is perfect and embracing yourself as is, is important to not only your well being but to your confidence level. Here at Le Boudoir Studio, we believe that a woman with confidence can do anything! We are all about the every day woman coming into the studio and being pampered from the moment she walks in the door. We know that most of our clients have never done intimate photography and come in a little shy; not knowing exactly what to expect. It is totally normal to feel that way! No worries though, Jodi is here to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Although, please be prepared to transform into a bombshell once we get your hair, makeup, outfit (or lack thereof ;)) and heels on! It is always amazing and rewarding to see a client come in who is timid at first but once they get a look in the mirror when they are all done up; they come alive on camera! We live for this!

Not all women feel “beautiful” but we guarantee you feel beautiful once you get transformed at our studio

This is why we wanted to show you that any woman will transform from the time she comes into our studio to when she leaves with our intimate before and afters…

before and after boudoir photography

le boudoir studio before and after photographybefore and after photography

le boudoir studio before and after 10

le boudoir studio intern

Le Boudoir Studio before and afterLe Boudoir Studio curvy before and afterle boudoir studio before and after boudoir photography

Bravo ladies! We sure hope more women will follow in your footsteps and book their own intimate photography session! Still not sure? Check out the love notes from previous clients to show you that once you book your session, you can be rest assured that once you walk in the day of your shoot, Jodi and the hair/make up artist(s) will handle the rest! (see our ladies on the website of our “Dolled up” section!) It’s really that simple! You will cherish your pictures for a lifetime and may even come back again and again! It’s not just about how you look that’s addicting; it’s how you FEEL!!!

Kisses ~ Your Be-YOU-tiful Boudoir Blogger

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