At Le Boudoir Studio, we are constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration to offer more with
each session. After a few months of planning and getting creative, we are SO excited to share
with you our brand-new boudoir set, our Noir Set! Noir is so much different from any of
our other sets, it is the contrast to our usual light and bright sets bringing more of a
sultry, seductive vibe to the session. Noir is only offered in black and white, and these images
really accentuate the body in a moody, mysterious and sexy way. We have had so much fun
working with clients on creating this set and really bringing it to life.


One of our first sessions shooting Noir, was with one of our employees, Maddison! From her last boudoir session, she has learned more about self-acceptance, so we knew that this new set would put that self-love really into perspective for her! We got her scheduled and started her day with some pampering with our hair and makeup artist, Courtney. Once her hair and makeup were finished up she was feeling sexy and confident we got her changed into a sexy black body suit from Forever 21 and we guided her through each pose, each pose expresses such emotions and you can see how sexy she feels which is exactly what we want from our clients on this set.

“I have struggled being confident in my appearance for most of my life. I have always been
more conservative and wore t-shirts, jeans and really didn’t like buying underwear… until my
first session with Traci and Jodi Lynn. When they told me about their new set and what it’s
about, I was ready to challenge myself to see my body in a new way. After seeing these images,
it really gave me an overwhelming feeling of self-love… like that’s ME and my body. My curves
are beautiful, and so am I.”


At Le Boudoir Studio, it is our goal to make sure every woman feels sexy and confident during
each session and leave still feeling that way! We are always working at making sure we have
the best of the best for our clients. We can’t wait to meet you and help you see how sexy you!
Call us at 480-495- 5455 or click here to book now! Also, if you text leboudoir to 39970 you will get text message updates for exclusive offers!!! Expires June 30th!


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A Supermom Shares Her Boudoir Photography Story in Scottsdale

At Le Boudoir Studio, we understand it is hard, and can be somewhat nerve-wracking to schedule your first boudoir photography session. After all, there may be a few things you wish you could change before your appointment, like losing weight, getting in better shape, or reversing your stretch marks. As women, we get it! Boudoir can be scary if you’ve never done it before! We’re here to let you know that you don’t have to let these fears and doubts stop you. We focus on instilling confidence in your life, body, and experience, and encourage you to embrace your strength and vulnerability as a woman. You deserve to feel confident and sexy in your own skin, and we’re here to help you find that space for yourself.

Here’s The Supermom’s Story

A client of ours has struggled with self-esteem, self-doubt, and self-worth issues her entire life, and she shared her story about how a boudoir photography session at Le Boudoir Studio helped set her on a path toward confidence, courage, and empowerment.

“Once I got to the studio, Jodi Lynn and Traci were fabulous. They stood by me as I tried on the outfits before we started shooting. I didn’t know how they were going to make me look. I kept thinking about my kids, my life, my body. What would my husband think?”


We empower you to show us who you really are. No matter your size, boudoir is all about courage, strength, vulnerability, and boldness. With us, boudoir photography is about creating an opportunity to reveal who you are, where you’ve come from, and to wield your version of confidence and courage.

“I’ve struggled with body image, self-esteem, and self-worth issues since before having kids, and throughout my entire life. For a long time, I struggled to love who I was. As I felt fear and doubt wash over me, Jodi Lynn and Traci were there to lift me up and help me focus on the moment — the beautiful, magnificent moment that was unraveling before all of us.”

We will pamper you and make you feel as good as you look throughout the shoot. We want you to own your life and feel confident and strong in who you’ve become. We focus on your beauty, elegance, and sexiness, while making sure that you know your worth as a woman.

At our boudoir studio, you have nothing to worry about. We’ll take care of everything from start to finish. We are on this journey of self-discovery with you. Our boudoir photography sessions are more than getting that “sexy booty shot” for your man.

“The entire experience was empowering. I didn’t have to think about what I was doing, what I was wearing, or how I looked. It’s really made me stronger. It’s helped me feel more bold and confident. Courageous, even. I just felt like a spoiled, supergirl rockstar all day. It’s empowered me to be a better mom and a better wife. I mean, it’s made me want to be a better woman.”

Le Boudoir Studio in Scottsdale

A photo shoot with Le Boudoir Studio is more than a vanity project. It’s a valuable experience in self-discovery, self-confidence, and courage. We want you to feel like you’ve been transformed, and that the experience you had with us echoes throughout the rest of your life — not just in our studio.

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Meet Jodi Lynn, the woman behind the lens and owner of Le Boudoir Studio. As an entrepreneur, photographer, mother, and part-time therapist, this #GirlBoss is changing the name of the game in the industry.